1. ASM adheres to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and Oil Company International Marine Forum (OCIMF) Joint guidelines in control of drug and alcohol on board the ships.

2. Misuse of prescribed drugs, or use, possession, trafficking or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs on board is prohibited

3. Breach of company's policy on drugs shall result in the instant dismissal of person(s) concerned. Similarly, any breach of the policy relating to alcohol abuse shall result in disciplinary action which may well extend to dismissal

4. Company has in place arrangements for random drug and alcohol testing

5. Company permits carriage and consumption of alcohol on board provided the following condition are met:

  • No seafarer shall navigate or operate any ship's equipment whilst his judgement is impaired by alcohol.
  • All seafarers at all times whilst on board a ship must be able to respond to an emergency.
  • All seafarers shall observe abstinence from alcohol for a period of 4 hours prior to scheduled watch keeping duty or work period
  • Whilst on board a ship, no seafarer shall consume more than 2 units of alcohol within a 24-hour period.
  • At no time shall seafarers, or any person connected with the ship business, be intoxicated or have BAC in excess of 40mg/100ml at any time whilst on board the ship.
  • Although USCG accepts a mandatory 4 hours abstinence period prior to reporting for duty, all Asian-Alliance Ship Management vessels trading to USA shall adopt a ,"dry ship" policy whilst in US waters. To this end, all alcoholic beverages are to be placed under lock and key prior to entering U.S. waters and released only after leaving U.S. waters from U.S. ports.
  • All seafarers joining ASM vessels shall, in their pre-employment and routine medical checks, be screened for alcohol and drug abuse

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