ASM believes that all ships are seaworthy and structurally sound at all times. A fundamental part of this policy is to ensure that ships have minimum downtime / off hires due to inadequacies in the ships' performance. In addition, integral to this policy is also the commitment to ensure compliance with all existing and forthcoming international regulations. To this end, the company determines that:

  • All life-saving and fire-fighting equipment are maintained to the highest standard
  • Procedures are put in place for regular inspection of vessels (every four to six months) by the superintendent or other company representative to assess the conditions of ships
  • Ships follow rigorous inspection and maintenance routines of all hull structures, machinery and other equipment to maintain sound structural and operational condition. In this regard, particular attention is paid to bulk heads, ballast tanks, cargo tanks and their openings and hatch covers.
  • Timely steel renewals are carried out in order to maintain ships' structure, promote safety and prevent marine pollution
  • Hull structure, machinery and equipment are inspected and maintained in accordance with the approved computerized planned maintenance system for optimum performance
  • All engine room machinery and equipment are maintained to the standard that results in minimum emission of noxious material into the atmosphere
  • Ships are maintained cosmetically to a high standard

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