ASM strives for a balanced approach allowing its ship staff to participate in social media strictly in personal time.

Company expects its staff to follow the guidelines below:

1.Timings:Company allows use social media strictly during personal timing when off duty and not during essential rest hours as applicable by STCW and other statutory requirements and company guidelines.

2.Purpose of use: The use of social media shall be solely for personal messaging and exchange of social information. Social media shall not be used for entertainment and gaming.

3.Prohibited conduct: Company prohibits revealing its name on social media or other websites, which include sexual, violent, or illegal content. It also prohibits postings on any social media discussing competitors or their products or services, without prior permission. The same is applicable to existing / potential clients and customers. Company also prohibits language that is defamatory, harassing, disparaging, or that violates obscenity laws.

4. Transparency: Ship staff shall identify themselves, especially if they say anything related to business, including company, competitor(s), or products on the marketplace.

5.Integrity and honesty: Ship staff shall be aware half-truths and outright lies are quickly ferreted out by today's social media watchdogs, competitors, regulators and others.

6.Individual's opinion vs. company's opinion: Ship staff shall clearly indicate that all postings represent their own opinions, unless with specific permission to speak on behalf of the company. When posting on any site outside of the company, they need to use the following disclaimer: "The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent the company's positions, strategies, or opinions."

7.Brand protection: Ship staff shall be careful when using the company’s brand, logos, copyrights, trademarks, etc. They shall use them on social media with company’s prior permission. Same shall apply regarding the property of any client, customer or competitor.

8.Application of company’s policies and procedures: Your social media activities are subject to the same policies and procedures as your other workplace activities. So, for example, if it is inappropriate to engage in sexual harassment while at work, then it is equally inappropriate to do so through the context of social media.

9.Confidentiality: Ship staff shall maintain confidentiality of company, client and customer information. In the event of any doubt regarding the appropriateness of content to be shared, they shall seek advice from ASM office.

10.Watchdog: If there is a negative, disparaging, or otherwise concerning posts about the company, its products, services or clients, the company needs to be informed ASAP. The ship’s staff shall refrain from responding unless with prior specific permission.

In case of any queries regarding this policy, the ASM office needs to be contacted.

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