• ASM's objective is to protect the asset value of a ship and commercially perform with minimum off hire/stoppages/losses - always consistent with QHSE requirements. In addition, the company ensures that the ship and its equipment are always in a state of operational readiness in conformance with all Regulatory requirements.

      ASM ensures its managed ships are maintained to highest standards adhering to requirements of Maker, Class Flag and other Regulatory bodies by :
    • Employing well trained, experienced and motivated personnel on-board and on-shore.
    • Properly maintain and monitor ship’s computerized planned maintenance system ( PMS).
    • Ensuring effective spare parts inventory control and proper record keeping of maintenance history in PMS.
    • Regular detailed inspection of ships by the Superintendent and other office staff.
    • Periodic performance monitoring of all machinery, equipment and systems.
    • Timely completion of maintenance routines as per PMS and close monitoring from office.
    • Special focus on maintenance of all life-saving and fire-fighting equipment ( LSA/FFA ).
    • Maintain ships to high cosmetic standards.

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